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Remapping and Tuning

If you want more power or economy from your car, it’s worth considering a remap. This alters how the engine works in order to improve performance.

This is effectively a modern day retune, since 2000 all cars have had an engine control unit (ECU) This controls the ignition timing, air/fuel mixture and (on turbo cars) boost pressure. It also imposes any speed or rev limits.

We can reprogramme the car’s ECU to change how it controls the engine and can also remove any limits placed on it.

The gains can be impressive, for example, the upgrade for the VW Golf GTI MkVI  boosts power from 207bhp to 251bhp, and torque from 280Nm to 324Nm.

Remapping turbodiesel engines can increase economy by up to 10 per cent, because it adds torque lower down the rev range. This means the engine doesn’t have to work as hard as before. We cannot guarantee how much of a saving you will get because it depends how you drive the car, but generally ,if you drive the car the same after the remap as you did before, then significant savings can be made.

Some people are concerned that remapping could cause problems with their car. Remapping does put extra strain on an engine, but not a dangerous amount, most cars’ engines are built to offer more performance than they actually deliver. Manufacturers launch a car with a set power figure, but then over the life of the model they’ll introduce a few facelifts and performance versions, they don’t develop new engines for each new version: mostly they limit the performance of the earlier models and then offer a little more power with each new edition. We just release the optimum performance.

N.B. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to notify their insurance company of alterations to the specification of the vehicle.

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We can remap any make of car

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